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Originally posted by unchained
Or just don't bother with people that intentionally complicate things. I somehow doubt the presets are worth the effort, haven't seen anybody say anything to the contrary, and if I'm wrong...well, I'm willing to take the hit.
poor baby, being asked to click the mouse button a few more times

Call it a filtering process. I'm only interested in people seeing them whose attention spans are long enough that they are willing to humbly sacrifice 10 seconds of their precious lives to get the presets.

It took me some 30 hours or so on the skin and quite a few hours on making presets to match it, so if anyone baulks at the idea of spending an extra 10 seconds or so to see them as they were supposed to be seen - together with the skin - then please follow unchained's advice, don't bother - I don't particularly want you to see them, as anyone with such a short attention span and such disregard for the author's intention surely wouldn't appreciate these particular presets, nor would they be likely to give any sort of valuable feedback.

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