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Situation: program requires system SP to be installed ( >100 MB), this was found in .onInit function, but where to download SP? File copy page IMHO is not good place for this, might be better to do this after License page or even in .onInit function. But where to show progress bar if Installer’ dialog window not exists yet or have some other controls in this place (middle of the box). Or developers must create custom page for plug-in? I still guess that dialog box is better way (while dialog design is ugly ). Also: when user closes plug-in dialog window, plug-in’s main (dialog) thread tries to stop or terminate i/o thread – not bad when i/o hangs. When embedded to installer page this is not so obvious.
I added extra->exec_flags->silent support in some #ifdef’s to keep compatibility with current NSIS version (<=2.02). Code attached.
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