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You are simply making things hard for your self. Of course Winamp supports shoutcast by default, but that site is not a shoutcast site, and it works fine if you use it by clicking on links normally.

DSPs are not for decoding audio formats, they are for Processing a Digital Signal (eg. a graphic equaliser).
Input plugins are used to add more audio decoding formats.
Shoutcast/Icecast streams are just regular mp3 with extra meta data send in parallel, what you are having trouble with is the way you are adding links.
Shoutcast can stream other audio formats. Shoutcast is a server system, not an audio format.

If you look in Winamps own media library, there is a shoutcast directory in the "Online services" section.
Click on a radio station and it will start playing in winamp.

Open a separate browser and browse an alternative radio streams site, and as long as Winamp is still set as the default to play m3u,pls,mp3,aac...etc. all you do is the same. Click, and that is it.
Click on the link, it downloads a playlist file which then opens in your default player, which should start playing the url inside the downloaded playlist file.
Now you save this into bookmarks or your own streams playlist.

If your problem is that doing this wipes the current playlist, go into Winamp Filetypes preferences and change the default behaviour to "Enqueue".

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