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Originally Posted by djSpinnerCee View Post
i assume you're asking how you should configure dnas buffer size and type? it is more of a tool to allow the source to stay caught up and not underrun, especially when the source is not local to the dnas.

so, 45secs @ 48kbps looks like about a 270k bytes buffer

the dnas buffering will have little impact on what a listener can/will buffer, because that is a function of the client, just so you know.

in a way, the dnas buffer is the uppermost limit on what a client can get at top speed, but i'm not sure if the dnas is buffering the sends to the listener.
Hello, thank you. My old shoutcast hosting was coming 45 seconds behind. Now I set my own server but it comes 5seconds behind. In case of any wifi issue or something, the stream stops. Thats because of I want.

so will I set the buffer to 270000?

thank you.
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