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Karaoke DJ's this may help

Whilst helping my brother set up his Winamp and external drive for Djing and doing Karaoke, he came across a problem. He wanted to distiguish between karaoke (MP3 & G) and regular music.

At first glance, and being a geek, I thought - I'll get an ID3 tag converter, and change all artist tags to KARAOKE. Good idea. But it took an age.

Half way through the collection of almost half a terabyte, I had a thought. As long as all the Karaoke songs and Music were seperate in folders, it should be a breeze to do the following:

When searching local media, or one of the smart views, you will see columns like Artist, Track Length Etc. Simply right click on the columns, click customise columns, and select File Path. Add it to the column list, and ensure its next to the vital info like track name etc.

Now, as long as you have your songs in a folder called Music, and your MP3 & G in a folder called Karaoke - then you can see at a glance which is the karaoke version - and which is music version!

Hope that made sense. I don't normally do this, but I thought someone may be as dim as me and try going the long way round...
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