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Sorry to post again but just to nake sure that everybody understands copyright properly please read this.

Every musical recording embodies two distinct copyrighted works. The first is the underlying musical composition, comprised of the written notes and lyrics (for purposes of copyright law, the musical composition is referred to as a "musical work"). The copyright in the musical work is usually owned by the songwriter and/or his or her music publisher. The second copyrighted work is the actual recording itself - the sounds, including the recording artist’s interpretation of the musical composition, and the creative efforts of the producer, sound engineers and background musicians. (This is referred to in copyright law as a "sound recording.") The copyrighted recording brings to life the written notes and lyrics of the musical work. The copyright in the sound recording is typically owned by a record label.

In the USA BMI/ASCAP/SESAC collect performance royalties for the copyright in the musical work and SoundExchange collect royalties for performance copyright in the sound recording

Int UK PRS = musical work, PPL = sound recording

Most other countries have similar organisations.

Their are also mechanical royalties but you only pay these if you manufacture and distribute/sell CDs/MP3s/Vinyl or other media.

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