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Motherearth I think most of us understand that. As much as I hate to, I soon will be dishing out the thousands to stay online even though I don't make a sigle dime off of this.

The problem is that no distinction is being made between some goofy kids with spare time on thier hands with a stream that has 10 listeners and stations such as HitzRadio with 1000+ listeners which are obviously doing this as more than something to fool around with in thier spare time.

I am sick and ******** tired of everytime this subject comes up somebody waves the "artists deserve thier royalties" flag as if we just want to steal money straight out of thier pockets like the record industry has gotten away with for YEARS. Its only gotten a little better in recent times but the grave yards of the formerly famous is scattered with the bodies of those who died poor while some record company executive stole them blind and spent the money on cocaine and mistresses.

I can assure you the record industry has done a helluva lot more damage to artists than some kid who is crazy about music and sets up a stream with 10 max users promoting artists that the corporates could give a **** about.

If I were an artist I would not spend my time trying to destroy music streaming technology or restrict it to the rich which is what those license fees do. 20 years from now we'll look back at this and laugh. Artists will DEPEND on Internet Radio to get thier music out.

This whole ******* conversation is rediculous. If I were in charge I would just give a blanket pass to anyone nonprofit with under 200 listeners to stream without licenses. That would give this technology a chance to grow and prospher. Then after several years put some standards in place that makes a distinction between hobbyists and those who are out to make a profit.

No that would make too much sense. Oh and it would take waaay too much power out of the hands of the recording & broadcasting (clearchannel and infinity) who if they had thier way 9412 and the rest of us would be non-existent. Would that benefit the artist? **** no. And I suspect that the powers that be understand this otherwise this whole shoutcast operation would be shut down faster than you could respond to this post.
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