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Did you really read anything I just said?

Its that type of attitude that gets my temper boiling. You don't know me or anyone online here. Do not think for one second I would rather "skirt the law" than do the right thing. Did I not say that I intend to fully comply with the requirements when I raise the money? I take it that is not good enough?

Since you now have insinuated that I would rather break the law let me tell you something about "the law". There is a such thing that is called "the spirit of the law"...what the law was intended to do.

I do not think that the law was meant to make criminals out of everyone who wanted to play around with music streaming which is what shoutcast allows people to do. Instead the law (almost) makes criminals out of a 15 year old who wants to try his hand at broadcasting. Instead the law keeps honest people who want to pay but can't afford these exhorbitant fees out of the game.

Did I rant a little, yeah. 2500 may be a drop in the bucket to some but to me...thats hard earned money I could use for something else. Its way too high for the average shmo. Yet I will scrap up the money and pay it and you dare say I would rather skirt the law?

My post was all in good humor. If somebody out there took it the wrong way I apologize. But dude don't dare attack my integrity when you don't know me. I respect your opinion but I don't know you so I won't make jusdgements about what you would or wouldn't do.

You are WRONG to go there man. WRONG.
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