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WEll i think that urbansoulnation has a point and this seems to be a very imotive issue and people tend to lose track of things with all the vitriol. I think the point is that whilst it is the law and it is only fair that artists get compensated for thew their work, in the USA the rates and especially the minimums are devicive and way out of propertion to the value of the work being used. They are designed to make it impossible for small hobyist and small comercial webcasters so that the big record companies can maintain a a five way oligopoly of all the music distribution. If the rates were something like 10% of revenue or 50c per concurrent listener per month, whirchever is the greater then i think that that people would go legit and it would make it easy and cheap to run a legal stream. I realy beleive that at these rates they would get more money because small webcasters would pay. they are about what you pay per listener if you have thousands of listeners charge for access to your stream and get over the huge minimum fees.

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