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Originally posted by jackherer
Who you pay royalties too has nothing to do with where the server is located or where you are streaming from. it has to do with where the person or company (an incorporated or Ltd company is legally clasified as a person in the UK and USA probably other countries as well). If you or your company is in the Uk you pay royalties to MCPS/PRS/PPL if your in the USA BMI/SCAP/SESAC/SoundExchange. If you wanted to do what you say you would have to eaither move to or set up a company in a country where there was no collection agenecies set up. You would probably still be breaking international copyright Law it's would just be up to the artists/record labels to try and collect their royalties on an individual basis.
So just to clarify - because I have heard differing statements about this. A station pays royalties based on where the managment/company is based and not where the stream originates from. The reason I am asking is because we have management in the US and the UK, but our stream originates in Canada. To whom am I supposed to be paying royalties?
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