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WMA plugin problem (2 Bugs)

I'm Using Winamp 5.03 (Actually i found a bug in 5.01, just downlaoded 5.03 to see if it still exists,... and it does, and there's another new bug too)

Winamp v5.03 (x86) - Mar 24 2004
Windows XP Pro SP1
M/B: Gigabyte 7zxe
CPU: Amd AthlonXP 1700+ (@~1.5ghz)
Ram: 512mb sdram (not DDR)
DX: 9.0b (Latest version)
VGA,Sound: FX5600, SB LIVE! using latest drivers
<Although i know most of information above are not needed, I wrote them all>

Before continuing, i apologize for by bad english!!!
these are the bugs:

1. The timestamps of WMA files are not correct, i mean, it goes behind about 2 seconds in every minute, so after 3 minutes of playback (I used a chronometer) the winamp played time, shows 2:54, and after 4 minutes, in shows 3:52, and so on... but when you seek to for example 3:00, it plays the correct thing, (what was playing when after 3 minutes, timestamp was 2:54) ... I found this problem when writing a plugin to show lyrics, and it got mad when I seeked back and forth through my WMA file...

2. This is the new bug, and it's something else i found through my plugin again! My plugin polls winamp about 10 times a sec, with these IPC calls:
IPC_GET_BASIC_FILE_INFO (Quickmode set to 0)
(I know it's a lame thing to do,... but forget it for now)
with winamp 5.01 (unfortunately I don't remember the WMA PLUGIN version for that,... you know it yourself, don't you?) It wouldn't add any significant CPU usage, and everything was working normally, but with Winamp v5.03 (And WMA PLUGIN V2.0) CPU usage jumps to 100% and none of the visualizations of winamp (and my plugin) doesn't work,.. I set my plugin to 1time a sec, and everything was normal (beleive me I need to do it even more than 10 times a sec!) this problem doesn't happen when playing MP3 files,... with MP3 files, it goes normally. sorry I can't give you the plugin yet, it's not completed! but it doesn't take any time to write a plugin which polls winamp 10times a sec with the said IPC calls!!! If I have time later, i'll do a performance test to see how many milliseconds each IPC call takes... and I update this post, but don't wait for my update to go look for the reason.

that's all, I hope those get fixed soon!
Keep up the good work after all !

#2. Removed the call to IPC_GET_BASIC_FILE_INFO from my plugin, and used 50ms timer resolution (Instead of 100ms like before) now the cpu usage is around 80%, and everything is working fine,... but why does it take this much longer, and the older version works just find with the call not deleted?
#1. After removing the call, it seems like ok,... (still a little skew in time after seeking is visible,... sorry I couldn't test it without my plugin, it's my only testing method for now!) but still why, polling it with BASIC_FILE_INFO, (which has nothing to do with playback, at least it shouldn't) causes winamp to show delayed time?

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