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Nullsoft Winamp Library v2.02

damn, you guys didnt fix the one bug that is preventing me from using 5.02 and now 5.03!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, when you have a large media library, and you double click a song to play, it takes a full 3-4 seconds (and the processor usage goes to 100% for the 3-4 seconds) to load that song, however with 5.01, its instant ... also in 5.02/03 if you doubleclick the same song in the playlist, it plays instantly ... somethings wrong with the ML and i HOPE you fix it in 5.04

quite a few people reported this problem with 5.02, so ill restate it for 5.03 ..........till then back to 5.01

win xp sp1
winamp 5.03 clean install
1 GB ram
AMD XP 1700+
RAID harddrive
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