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DJ Egg
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As stated in the first post in this thread...
Do NOT post requests for Technical Support / Help here.
Post them in the Tech Support forum instead.

For a bug report to be valid, you MUST follow the guidelines laid out in the first post.
Please also read other stickys first.

This thread is for reporting bugs in any of the default plugins which come with the latest version of Winamp. You MUST also state the plugin name and version number in your post.

If you have any 3rd-party plugins installed, then they are:
1) Not supported and 2) your Bug Report is not valid.
Note to zoggy: this includes izotope ozone plugin.

3rd-party skins aren't supported here either,
not unless it's a bug in gen_ff.dll which affects ALL modern skins.

All invalid reports will be ignored or deleted!
Post in Tech Support instead.
These stickys are NOT open to discussion.
Post your VALID bug report and wait for people to confirm reproduction or not.
And that is it!

Thank you
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