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Opaque on Hover broken?

Opaque on Hover broken?

Clean Installation?: Yes
Winamp Version: 5.03a
Skin: Modern
CPU: Celeron 1.1GHz
RAM: 192MB
OS: Windows 2000 Pro, SP4
DirectX: DirectX 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902)
Video Card: ATI AIW RADEON 7200 AGP 32MB
Video Driver: CATALYST 4.2
Resolution: 1024x768x32

Seems 'Opaque on Hover' doesn't always work when the windows are docked; they stay transparent even when the cursor is above the windows. Clicking the windows (making them active) also does not help. I think I've come across some steps that'll help reproduce the problem in a consistent manner.

Steps to reproduce:
1. After clean install of Winamp 5.03a full, open both the main and playlist windows.
2. Dock the main window to the top (main now in winshade mode).
3. Dock the playlist window to the left (playlist window in normal mode; non-winshade).
4. Using either window, enable 'Opaque on Hover'.
5. Then, set 'Opacity' to '50%'.
6. Close Winamp
7. Reopen Winamp
8. Notice both windows stay transparent despite position of mouse cursor.

1. Main window: Toggle to normal mode then back to winshade(docked) mode.
2. Playlist window: Toggle to winshade mode then back to normal (docked) mode.

I apologise if this problem is already known.
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