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Nullsoft MIDI player bugs

Winamp version: 5.03a
Winamp build date: Mar 26 2004
Notes: free, full, clean install

OS: Microsoft Windows 98 SE
Notes: up to date

Motherboard: PC Chips
Processor: Intel Pentium 133MHz
RAM amount: 32MB
Sound card: Creative Sound Blaster AWE64

DirectX version: v9.0b

Plug-in: Nullsoft MIDI player
Plug-in version: 3.07
Plug-in build date: Mar 20 2004

First bug:

1. Open any MIDI file
2. Pause it

* The time display shows the result of 56870 seconds minus X in minutes/seconds form (where X is the length of the MIDI file in seconds)

* The seeker can't be scrolled properly

Second bug:

1. Enable MIDI control panel
2. Open any MIDI file
3. In the MIDI control panel, disable instrument commands
4. Stop the MIDI file
5. Play it again

* "disable instrument commands" is unchecked but it's working

To make it stop working, you need to check it and uncheck it.

That's all. I hope you understand me, because I don't know a lot of English.