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DJ Status v1.5

Current Features
-> Grabs stats from your shoutcast server such as Current title, current song, current # of listeners.
-> If a DJ isn't connected, a message is displayed stating so.
-> If the server isn't up, it displays a message stating so.
-> Checks the server title for the DJ's name, and assigns that DJ's ID.
-> Pulls DJ name, IM info, and link to song request page (Using the SongRequester plugin) from your MySQL database, and displays all that applies.
-> Easy config file.
-> Up to 3 aliases per DJ to check for in the server title.
-> [NEW!] Admin panel for adding, editing, and deleting DJs.
-> [NEW!] Simple Installation script

Planned features
-> None at this time.

Here are some screenshots of the new administration panel:
->First page, showing password field
->Main admin page
->Add DJ page
->DJ deletion select page
->DJ deletion confirmation page
->DJ edit success message

If you would like to test this version, please post here or contact me directly.

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