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Originally posted by Death Reaper
Hello there

This is a nice script (haven't checked it yet :S) Would you by chance be able to detect the IP of the broadcasting DJ? I ask this because I am re-coding the SAM2 PHP output to a plugin for LDU, a CMS I use. Also, permission to port this to a plugin to LDU? I won't release it public without permission of course...

Using the method I use to get information about the server, I can't detect the IP of the broadcasting DJ, only because that is not included in the XML stats from shoutcast.

And you can port it to your CMS, but let me know if you release it.

1. Script didn't want to talk to database even using the root no pass option yet installing the SQL manually worked far enough to appear installed fine. This one might be my server being a pain since it's happened before.
That's odd. o_O

2. Can't seem to login to the admin even though password was set (these of course changed):
That shouldn't be happening. Do you see the version number in the admin panel, or just "DJ Status v"? If you don't see it, then the admin panel isn't finding the config file..hmm

I'm not an expert at coding.. This is my first PHP script. I'll check over the auth code in the admin panel.
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