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Anybody managed to win a game of Hearts without getting either the Queen of Spades or a heart? I have, and I have visual proof if you require amazement.

Haven't managed to repeat the feat mind.

Also, I managed to "Shoot The Moon" 3 times in a row. That was particularly sweet. Visual proof again if you like.

I also managed to get 7000 in Solitaire. Previously my best was about 6300. Again, visual proof if you don't believe me.

As for my game(s) of the moment, I'm alternating between ToCA Race Driver and Grand Prix Legends. In TRD, I managed to complete the ToCA tour winning all races. Haven't done it elsewhere yet, though I'm working on the DTM series slowly but surely. Grand Prix Legends I rediscovered when I found a D3D patch in the "patches" directory. Now it looks amazing!

Also I have a bash on Hearts to refresh my mouse skills, and my brain!
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