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I don't understand....

There's no ads when using Winamp to just play your music collection, or when using the Local Media Library.

How does this differ to VLC and MediaMonkey?

Do they even have any online services of their own?
I know VLC doesn't, and MediaMonkey and Songbird just have links to other sites ( etc).

It's the actual stream providers (for the Winamp Videos and AOL Videos) who insist that there's adverts, otherwise they would need to charge for us to be able to view the content instead of it being free. And as it works on a per video basis, then it would not be feasible to add a fixed amount to the cost of Pro to remove the ads - especially for users who aren't interested in ever using any of the Online Services.

Why not just remove the online services dll (and any other ml plugins which serve any ads, ie. ml_nowplaying and ml_dash, as referenced above), or just edit ml_online.ini to taste and put your own links in there instead? This way there'll be no difference between Winamp and anything that MediaMonkey or Songbird have to offer...

And of course I'm also assuming here that you've got no idea how to block ads (since all of Winamp's Online Services pages are just embedded Internet Explorer windows), or even how to click/follow links in previous replies ;-)
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