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Originally posted by devils night
Dude seriously what is your problem it a little ad banner I see it too i don't see how an add like this can bug anyone its not like an ad popup's on your screen in the middle of somthing when running winamp. heck the ad doesn't even slow my computer down. Listen guys If he want to stop using winamp let him we don't need anymore anal losers like this complaining about small thing like this anyway. if the ads seem to affect your computer then get a better computer. like they say if you can afford the internet you can afford to get a new one or upgrade one. unless your one of these people who leeches off there parent's
It has nothing to do with me being a parent leach, or an anal looser, or not being able to afford a new PC... it's the principal of the thing. My PC isn't slowed down by it at all. I have a Core Duo (Yonah) 2ghz overclocked to 2.83ghz with 2g's of RAM and a cable modem...

It's the same reason I stopped buying computer games (like battlefield 2142... won't touch it, and won't buy the expansions packs for bf 2 either). They started putting adds in BF2142. If I pay for something to play with, or to use on my PC period, I don't want to see adds in it. It's bad enough I have to watch them on my Dish.

How would you feel if Firefox started adding a banner add in the title bar? Or if every time you opened up MS Office or Open Office there was a banner add glaring at you? Or worse yet, every time you go to make a call on your cell phone you have to listen to a 30 second add first?

The point is... the advertising is going too far. Make a stand now, or forever be pummeled with advertisements. Today you TV, PC games, and applications, tomorrow your cell phone, blackberry, Palm PDA, and your Xbox. Mabe even the music you pay for will include a 30 second advertisement in each song.
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