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Originally posted by guvnor
Though the last solution by Jkey works but still many issues with it esp when rjs are behind a firewall/router and using that software. I'd requested to make the stream title var dynamic is it dynamic now?
This just keeps coming up again and again. Perhaps I should type my response and make it a sticky topic or something like that.

Here's the official line:

You cannot now, nor will you in the future, be able to change the stream title. The stream title is like station call letters for broadcast radio station. WNLK in Norwalk CT doesn't change their call sign to "The Neal Bortz Channel" when his show airs. It's still "WNLK Norwalk".

Philosophy aside, there is also a technical reason in the current shoutcast protocol why the stream title cannot change. The stream title is negotiated when the broadcaster connects to the server. To change the stream title would require breaking the connection to the server, resulting in a glitch (or worse) for the listeners.

That said, we understand the desire for people to surface information about the current DJ to the listeners. We will be adding this capability. Our solution will allow you to surface all sorts of metadata about the currently connect DJ, but it requires immense infrastructure changes, effecting sc_trans, sc_serv, the shoutcast databases, winamp and the shoutcast iphone app.

Please be patient, we are working as fast as we can.

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