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I've come to think that it all is svchost.exe's bug. And not just in my installment, but of WinXP in general. I used a new virtual WinXP to check this. Here is what I saw so far.
  • Winamp always starts as svchost.exe's (the one holding DCOM and TermService) child when launched from an MP3 file.
  • I noticed that Sun's VirtualBox is being treated the same way every time I click its shortcut: it becomes svchost's child, is given "-Embedding" switch on a command line and makes svchost.exe open a persistent HKCU handle.
  • Newly installed Windows XP seems to release HKCU handle much quicker, so that users don't notice the problem. However, it stores the same warning 1517 with Userenv as source in system log on shutdown.
  • Strangely, rebooting the system causes svchost.exe to use other registry keys than HKCU. This could be a solution, if it didn't last only until the computer is switched off completely and then started again. I don't really understand this.
It could be useful to know why svchost leaves Winamp alone when launched from files like M3U or using its shortcut. Also why it appends "-Embedding" to the command line. But those questions are probably off-topic and for a different forum.
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