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I've not messed with MySql as I've heard its a steep learning curve. However on the bright side I've never had trouble with Firebird however I don't stream ads, take request scripts from the web nor do I have to send playlist reports as Loudcaster handles auto reporting. I do understand that if you want to send playlist reports then Firebird is not the way to go. I'm just saying that SAM is not all that hard and you can have a station running in 20-30 minutes from the time you purchase the software, make a playlist and throw it online. I've set my station not to repeat the same song for 490 hours (Unless otherwise requested) or I put the songs there myself just because I feel they fit the bill for that day.

SAM is very easy for me to take requests via the Rockline this is why I love it. If you want some nice FREE software that uses MySql then is a nice place to check out as their software doesn't seem that bad and is freeware. Only thing is its not a Radio station in a box like SAM or RadioBoss.

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