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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
Yes, it does. I know it does cause I'm listening to my music through the v2 DNAS on AAC only every night when I go to sleep. I'm using a local webserver to serve the HTML/Flash and a local flash socket policy server.
i can confirm the same as well though i'm not using thinktink's socket policy server on my Windows machine as the v2 DNAS is doing it instead

hopefully responding to the <policy-file-request/> on port 843 (if enabled) and also what has been set for portbase (as it seemed to try to automatically) should cover things off (which seemed to be the case when testing against thundersnow and jaromanda's player).

though will still be looking to do the icecast style option of hosting the swf file directly (which is next on tonight's list of things to finish off, heh).

but is definitely nice to able to test flash players which can playback AAC streams

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