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The odd part is, as Dr O points out, it is pretty hard to "run out of memory" on a PC due to the way the swap file works. You would see Virtual Memory warnings first, and then windows would automatically start expanding the size of the swap file. And usually keep going until your disk gets full or it hits a set limit.

A crash like this is more likely bad memory pointers or failing to release memory as suggested by Aminfu. Using "too much" memory does not crash a PC, it just slows it down a lot. Using the "wrong" memory is where your crashes appear.

MrSinatra's point about the embedded art makes sense. This could explain why I have never seen a problem as I don't have much embedded. It could be different handling just working in a different way. Also remember that embedded art will mean an image per track, whereas normal art is an image per album. That is potentially a huge difference.

And who let Dr O out? I thought he was permanently chained into the support cupboard? Someone needs to check the quality of the restraints. Just don't get the same quality control on handcuffs in this modern day. He must of chewed through them when no one was looking...
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