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well i cannot make anything like is shown in the video happen.

as for the points about the artwork cache being held in memory, i don't think it is even intentionally done though yes when looking at things like the working set it will drop down but won't drop all of the way but that's not necessarily because of things not being released and could be coming from what the OS thinks is still needed so it essentially keeps that reserved.

as for the friendly reminder: please fix :-( comment, it's nigh on impossible to fix something which cannot be replicated. yes that sounds like a crap excuse but there is so much code in Winamp, not being able to replicate it makes it massively tricky to even know where to start looking. if there was a way to consistently reproduce it on a developer machine then it could be more easily fixed but i'm not able to (and only looked again at this whilst waiting for something else to finish) and i doubt anyone else is going to be able to (especially when this only seems to affect a minority - based on your video and not the other threads of stuff in this thread).

how deep do the folders go? just wondering if it might be related to how many levels of recursion are needed and how much stack space is needed to keep a track of things (though it's probably going down the wrong line of ideas).

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