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got the files and i think that makes things a bit clearer.

i've added them to my playlist and then in conjunction with, having it set to show information about the selected song, by moving between one of the files and one of my own files and doing that a few times, the memory increases when the selection ends up on the starting file.

however, when i do the same with my own files only, the memory will change but it comes back to the same memory amount as was there on the starting file.

now as you've got ID3v1, ID3v2.3 and APEv2 tags, i thought i'd disable APEv2 support and then repeated the same process and it now acts like my own files do with your ones in there.

so can you go to preferences -> plug-ins -> input -> nullsoft mpeg audio decoder v4.98 -> 'APEv2 and Lyrics3' tab -> uncheck 'Read APEv2 tags' and then see if that makes any difference with the memory on adding to the library.

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