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i think we should be careful in our terms. to me, "tags" are what an app like mp3tag shows you, (and some tags can be "bad" or corrupted) while "headers" are what apps like mp3val are meant to address, mostly fixing audio issues.

i agree that art itself is not scanned in at scan time, and is only accessed "on demand" ie. while playing or scrolling or viewing in ML. however, if art is in the tag, ie. embedded, it does seem to make this problem worse. since art can be in an ape tag, or a id3 tag, etc... perhaps its worse yet in one or the other, depending on how winamp reads such tags, and then manipulates the data.

also, it wouldn't surprise me if two different yet seemingly similar problems are at work here:

1. seems to be the fresh scanning in problem, while the other
2. seems to be the accessing/browsing of art problem, where the more you have, the bigger it is, if you embed, etc all seem to be part of it.

in my usage, i have mostly flacs and mp3s, about 415 gigs worth, and i do not embed, and i delete all extra tag types except id3v2.3 for mp3s, and my art rarely is larger than 500x500, with most being 200x200, and so i think i suffer the problem less seriously than others.

nevertheless, the more i scroll and browse artwork, the more my ram usage rises, and it doesn't seem to ever get released.

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