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The Real AAC shoutcast V2 flash player


Our RadioBox-HD is a real AAC+ shoutcast V2 flash player no cheat , it does not use any RTMP relay such as Wowza or Red5, the flash player itself decode the AAC+ stream and make it playable to flash,

And more over the un-matched features below
  • Easy DJ on board management, with show title and DJ photo
  • Main dashboard for DJ with current playing song information
  • Easy Banner management with on/off swifth on the dash board
  • Additional alternative channel stream which is good for broadcaster that use High, medium and low bandwidth servers
  • Song Request listing and notification
  • Integrate to Sambroadcaster Online song request
  • Song History
  • Social Network link management for icon on the player
  • Facebook version player (Click here to add the player to your facebok page)
  • Facebook costumized background image
  • Geo locking for different country
  • Live DJ Video camera
  • Administrators account management
  • Station DJ Accounts
  • On-board DJ Chat
  • Player configuration, spectrums effect color, social icons links and logo
  • Player preview and embed code for website integration
  • Video Ads/intro Management
  • Different themes for player
  • API/Code snippets for your website integration
  • Auto detect mobile device (iPhone/iPad) and turn itself to listen link for playing the stream on mobile
  • Listener's log with playing duration, allowed and denied list when using Geo-locking
  • Analog VU meter and realtime audio spectrum with fall-off effect
  • Artist Cover of the current song
  • Can easily listen to other channel by clicking the channel on the player
  • Auto-soft volume when start or stop
  • Mute button
  • Buffer amount display
  • Current time and listening duration display
  • Lots of available themes check here
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