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Sorry for the double posting, but I figured I could explain a little further how it all happened.

First off I did some minor alterations in the Input plugins to adjust winamp to play MP4 files (just as shown in this thread: Later on I installed the Haali Splitter, ffdshow and Combined Community Codec Pack. After that I uninstalled the one of the previous versions of Winamp I had (can't remember which one) and installed the newest one.

After I discovered the problem I had with Pacemaker, I uninstalled every program I installed and went back to the previous settings in the Input plugins. I even went through all the trouble and got myself one of the previous versions of Winamp.

Still nothing...

I'd really, really appreciate any help in fixing this issue, as I really gotten used to Pacemaker and I wouldn't really want to give up on it yet...

Unless of course, there's a better plugin than that (which I doubt).
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