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i'm done with LightMaestro.

i'm not lying, you just interpreted the title wrong. LightMaestro is not done.

i never thought i'd be so genuinely grateful, and i am, that i didn't get the support i needed. now i'm not financially obligated to finishing this.

which is perfect, cause i'm no longer emotionally attached to it at all. i can't even force myself to work on it anymore. haven't touched it in a long time. hell i could've posted this a year ago if i felt like it. i thought eventually i'd get my motivation back, but no such luck.

so, on the down side, i'm done. for good. don't ask me to help, and don't even ask to pay me for it, just take it and leave me alone.

on the plus side this means i'm giving away the entire source code.

app: (c:\LightMaestro\)

source: (c:\LM\ or whatever)

there's more than enough people out there who would love to work on this, and it's better i just get out of the way. fortunately ive been preparing for such an event for a very long time, and the whole system is designed for a team.

anyway, if this post sounds bitter, it's because it is, and i am. but not because i didn't get some silly money. and not just cause im all wined up, although that is a factor. i just buried my 5th hard drive corpse. the last one i will ever purchase. i'll be damned if i ever write another line of code.

instead i've found something far more enjoyable, and far superior, because it hardly involves computers at all. it involves creating real actual *things*. physical objects which can't be endlessly duplicated for free. such a novel concept.

thanks again for not trapping me is this dead-end job.

so long, and good luck.

10 PRINT "Goodbye, World!"
20 GOTO 10
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