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Originally Posted by pietertvl View Post
Hi Aminiflu ...
Thank you for that tip. That is certainly a larger and hence more workable interface page from which to conduct station searches and to launch them via winamp (versus the browser) which I much prefer. I've added that to my Firefox startpage tab set.

However, to the technology team, I am still finding that some stations that appear on the search lists, with listeners, will not successfully launch/play in winamp when selected. I'm using 5.666. Winamp tries to connect, but times out. Ambient mp3 is one example. On my win7 taskbar, the winamp icon shows my selection changing, but never connects. The station currently has 119 listeners. As posted above, I can feed its URL into WindowsMediaPlayer and get it to play. Just not in winamp. No luck with the aac version either, but aac channels generally seem to be a challenge for radionomy at the moment.

I should add that off these search page results, copying the link location into winamp play URL also does not work .... This is the link for the Ambient mp3 station.
I just tried that link and its now playing fine for me o:

*If you have issues with Winamp, ensure you have the currently latest version Winamp v5.666 build 3516 & its patches that fix several issues
*To remove the currently dead Winamp online stuff, see here: removing online stuff
*If you miss the Autotag feature: Gracenote CDDB Autotag alternatives
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