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Hello everyone! I'm sure people probably already know about this, but some of the normal presets are amazingly 3d with the clear 3d glasses. i'm not exactly sure what they are called, all i know i got them at the pink floyd lazer light show. and watching milk drop while listening to the wall is just as good as going to the light show. with these glasses, when any blues, greens or reds appear, they are on 3 different levels. in one preset, i'm not sure which one, a VERY 3d ball emerges, it is stuningly beautiful. Peace to all!
the fritz

side note to Ryan Geiss:

Milkdrop and Dremples are in my opinion the most creative visual programs i have ever seen. I am looking forward to any new programs you come out with. And i am amazed at the programs you wrote in 1993! Good luck to you and take care!
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