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HM NIS Edit software get's freeze

I am distributing my software by wrapping the application exe in NSIS installation wizard. I use HM NIS edit software for editing the NSIS scripts. I recently got my editor frozen when I hovered on the default functions of NSIS like 'SetCompressor', 'BrandingText' etc. This is happening only in one system regardless of user. I tried to recreate the error but failed to do so.
The error occurred on the system with windows 7 professional OS, NSIS version 2.45, HM NIS edit version 2.0.3.
I re-installed the NSIS and HM NIS edit software but still the editor gets frozen when hovered. I searched on the internet about it but found no such error. I also compared the installed files against the installed files without error but found no difference. I used beyond compare tool to compare the file. So by this I concluded that there is no file corruption.
Please help me to solve this error.
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