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How to reload/rescan the entire playlist

Okay, so, first to briefly explain my situation.

I have a playlist with 20k+ songs.
I have a 'Music' folder, but I've excluded some artists and songs and just didn't include the entire thing, so I cannot recreate this playlist easily.

Recently I've added custom ATF in preferences so I would want Winamp to reload ALL the titles in the playlist,
just like when you add new songs to Winamp and it reads them all.
By the way, I want to do this in the Playlist, not the Media Library
(although if there's a workaround using Media Library that's obviously okay).

I tried to change the metadata reading in preferences...->Titles->Metadata Reading, but it didn't work.

So how do I make Winamp reread/rescan/reload (I don't know how it's called) all the songs in the playlist?
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