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Winamp Podcast partial downloads

This is my first post. A big THANK YOU to Winamp for sponsoring "This Week in Tech". As a result I have gone pro and bought WinAmpPro 5.581

I am trying out the Podcasts feature so I can finally ditch iTunes but I am experiencing a problem with the podcast downloads:
Each file downloads only around 5 minutes, sometimes less, then stops.
This is happening on all the following podcast feeds:
  • This Week in Tech
  • Windows Weekly
  • This Week in Google
  • FLOSS Weekly
  • Security Now
  • Uncle Jay Explains the News (video)

What confuses me further is that these feeds are working correctly:
  • Aljazeera Listening Post (video)
  • SmallBizPod (audio)

Is there some kind of streaming/download/IE setting that I can tweak? I have checked my firewall settings and put it in "learning mode" for a while, but that didn't create any new firewall rules.

Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Update: If Winamp only tries to download one podcast at a time, the downloads seem to work. How do I prevent it from downloading more than one?

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