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Thank you for this release!

I was just about to nag you for another Komodo beta update.

I really like the changes you've made, especially to the browser and external playlist editor. I do have a few issues.

1. I can't get the Now Playing panel to show the cd box and artwork for the playing tracks. I tried using the files from the previous version's NowPlaying folder and got the same result. The reflected artwork images are displayed on this panel and the PL+ cover panel (which displays the main artwork just fine), but they still go bad from time to time so I disabled them in the overrides.xml file.

How is the optional cd box artwork supposed to be used?

2. When I try to open a folder to select a custom background on the configuration panel, I get the following error message;

"Cannot find
Make sure the path or Internet address is correct."

Shouldn't there be a "\" between "@SKINPATH@" and "engine" in the script or xml file for this?

3. How do I turn off the monotone overlay when selecting a preloaded background or the desktop background? If this is the Color Theme Support, then it doesn't work well with the dark themes I like, imo.

Thanks for fixing the "Good ol' black n'*" themes. However, the title bar elements of the Good ol' black n'red theme are still red before pointing to them.

4. The occasional distortion (short vertical white lines) on the right side of the track change notifier pop-up is back. It happens when the notifier expands for wide text strings (like a long song title or album name).

Also, the artwork and text is not vertically centered in the pop-up panel (it's more noticeable than before). If this is necessary to prevent clipping the bottom edge of the artwork, then leave it be.

5. Sometimes when I right-click on the address in the internal browser, Windows Explorer opens instead of opening the address in my external browser. So far, I've not been able to determine the exact steps to take to make this happen consistently.

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