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Need to do an installer which sole job is to uninstall...


I need to do an installer which sole job is to uninstall what was installed by the previous version of the application.

The user must not have to run the uninstaller directly or using add/remove programs in Windows, I must do it for her/him.

I see two ways of doing this...

Either copy all of what I had in the uninstall section into the install section or run the uninstaller which was installed by the previous installation of the application from my "installer".

I think running the uninstaller from my installer would be a bit confusing for the user (though I guess I might be able to run it in silent mode) so I would prefer to do something similar to taking everything in the uninstall section and putting it in the install section...

As long as I make sure the application was previously installed by making sure I can get its install directory is there any risks to what I want to do, anything I should be aware of?

Thank you and have a nice day!

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