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5.623 to Android 1.2.9 Pro: wired transfer fails

I'm new to phones and not very experienced with Winamp, so please be gentle and explain very fully.

My Win XP SP2 has Winamp 5.623 and many FlAC encoded files. I installed the Android app 1.2.9 on my ATT Samsung Infuse 4G and upgraded to PRO.

With the computer cabled to the phone and the phone's USB Mode selected as Media Player, Winamp sees the phone as two devices, one the phone card and the other the secondary card.

When I drag FLAC songs to either location, I get an error: "Some of these tracks were of an incompatible format and will not be transferred." But no files are ever transferred. MP3 songs drag OK, though.

I bought the PRO since it states on the website "Supports FLAC Playback (from Browse by Folders)". What does this mean? How do you browse by folders on WinAmp for computers or for Android? And how do I get the files over to the phone, to begin with?
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