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thank you, here is a selection of things but it's very messy. I haven't labelled any of the files because that takes ages. so it would mess up your directory a bit perhaps best to copy them to a temporary folder.

everything marked with "af" is from advanced find and replace...the program is called is "advanced find and replace" it's probably free shareware I can't remember.

I think it might be a bit of a waste of time, but here are some tricks if you want to try..

to prepare all the presets for the place you have format the code so it's all the same..

" ="-> "="

like that it is possible to replace =x=/=y=/=dx= etc through all the files...

the best way to go is very subtle changes that just switch the proportions of everything

(rad -> ((rad-1),

it would take me ages to explain basically very small changes before and after multiplications and brackets switching radius with X/Y and making inversions,reciprocal etc

the possibilities are infinite and it's the same with all these remixes you learn the system of milkdrop, it's a combination of two programs, the smoke effects are completely destroyed by the zoom and rotation so you have to generally mix zoom with zoom and smoke with smoke.

same with advanced find and replace it is great for modifying all the proportions and time things, but my dream really is to be able to take all the formulas and jumble all the lines up like cards.
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