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I've been wanting to get into something similar to this, I was thinking more like a genetic algo that will "evolve" presets based on current ones, like a database with all the presets in it, then some AI goes in a says I'll take line 2 of this preset and line 4 of that one and put them together, then it will "run" the preset for a while, and watch the output variables to make sure they stay with in some predefined "pretty" range, if there not delete them, if they are, then we got a new preset!

before I did that though I would have to build the database to hold all the presets, and at that point I might as well make it a website so you can download all the current presets in a single zip that gets updated when people add presets(it would scrape these forums to get the older ones and new ones for that matter)

keep up the good work though, theres it could end up somewhere fun

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