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Originally posted by redi jedi

before I did that though I would have to build the database to hold all the presets, and at that point I might as well make it a website so you can download all the current presets in a single zip that gets updated when people add presets(it would scrape these forums to get the older ones and new ones for that matter)

that would be great,like indexing all of the lines according to the first variable for example dx/dy- it's a logistical nightmare actually, with all the different formats and the inbuilt editor -it's great to be able to browse tons of options in one window and copy and paste them to the code. I think there is already a kind of randomness generator for lines of code but it wasn't really integrated so the program so I couldn't actually install it.

maybe it would be useful to copy from Excel to milkdrop...
I just tried about five clipboard programs that copy everything from every program allegedly but they don't detect copying and pasting stuff from milkdrop.milkdrop copy paste formats are some obscure Visual Basic thing...but more importantly the clipboard programs are poop.

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