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iTunes and pls or asx files

I know iTunes will open a .pls, but I have another question (which may not have an answer). We have two streams, one an AAC+ stream, the other MP3 stream. With Winamp I can put both streams into the playlist, and if the first (AAC+) is full, it will roll over to the second (MP3). The only reason to have the MP3 stream is so that WMP and itunes (L)users can connect and not have to download any codecs or software.

So here comes the question (and yes I have searched a little, but might need to do more searching)... Is there a way to write the pls file so that iTunes can be directed to play the second stream (MP3) when the first does not work? Would this also work for WMP?

Can I do this with an .asx file for either of these players?

I'm trying to make something that is "user proof" so that iTunes and WMP users will be able to clearly and easily find a link that works on our (finally!) up coming web page. So if I can put some intelligence into an asx or pls file to handle errors, that might get the job done most easily.

Any good in depth links that deal with writing pls and asx files would be welcome. Thanks.
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