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Originally posted by Greg_E
Did you check out all the cool graphics and stuff you can put up with it? You can (possibly) put up some real good station "image" stuff with WMP. The orban plug-in may allow a few more options too.

Linking album art and a buy it now button on a web page is just a small step away, and for a commercial station it could provide some decent revenue. For the non profit stations it might help to keep you going. It would also show the real value of net radio to the bean counters at RIAA, since it would show exactly how much money can be sent their way through album sales (not through licensing fees).
Where can I find out how to customize the link? I did a little searching today at work and was able to add in a couple extra lines to the .asx file like "Author" and some other tags. I love how my station sounds through WMP, for some reason it sounds better then ever on 96k.
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