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Originally posted by Greg_E
If you have the time, wade through that link on the MSDN above. It literally took me somewhere between 2 and 3 hours to get the stuff that I have, which is most of the .asx info.

I did send feedback to MSDN about the difficulty of gaining the information that I wanted, a single complete PDF of the WMP SDK would have been better, then I could have printed the chapters that I needed. The information above is very clear and concise it just takes forever to wade through. If you want to link to the store, you will have to read the next few chapters concerning the store, not a project that I long to do. There must be a nice printed book somewhere that goes through all this stuff, maybe I'll have to write one.

Wonder if there is something similar for iTunes, I'll have to check.
Thanks for all the information, I was having alot of problems creating .asx files until I came to this thread so thanks for clearing all this up for me. I'll skim through those docs even though they do look like a long read.
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