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disc file information

Where does Winamp save the disc information that I typed in manually? Is there any file on the computer that I could copy and paste on another system so that I can export and re-import all disc information?

I hope it's understandable what I am talking about.

Here's a small example:

Let's imagine I burned an own compact disc with songs that were wrote by me. So there's no Gracenote-entry that could be found from Winamp. So I have to type all the information about this album on my own. Now if I use my own information, Winamp should save it to in any file the hard disk (or I hope so). And now I want to find this file (that contains the information for my own disc), copy and paste on another system with another Winamp.

All I need to know is wheter if this file is existing or not and where I can find it?
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