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Usiing Winnamp Encoder instead of SAM Broadcaster

Hey All,

Just wanted to throw my problem out to see if anyone had a solution. One of my stations is a talk station and we have live and pre recording programming. I use BOTH Winnamp radio scheduler and SAM. My live hosts connect to the broadcast computer via skype and broadcast live. This is where SAM is critical because the playlist has an option for a file that streams whatever is broadcasting over the sound card.. And I can add that to the playlist and give it metadata info etc.

Ive been wanting to just switch to Winnamp encoder for a while because SAM KEEPS crashing. Does anyone know how i would mimic this in winnamp? Someone told me that Winnamp has a way to add a file to a playlist that essentially will allow whatever is coming from the sound card to stream out. Right now i dont know how do do this and would it show Metadata as well?

Ive seen all the alternatives for SAM but they are best with music.. i dont see any that will go from a mp3 playlist to one that plays from the soundcard.

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