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Originally Posted by darryl505 View Post
Thank you so much for this.. I did a little research and I see that i have to install a msql on the computer for the database to work. Thats just a BIT over my head but im gonna try this.. Ive been using SAM for maybe 8 years and its a constant headache .. CONSTANT
Setting up an SQL server need NOT be difficult

I'm guessing you've never had SQL installed and that you've been using Firebird??

Firebird is worse than SAM's MySQL database.

Yes RadioDJ needs a database and it's pretty stable compared to SAM I haven't had to rebuild my database in well over a year. I do daily database backup which RDJ has a tool to do it for you.

Read a few tutorials search Google. the answers are out there.

Like everything new you have to take a leap of faith and just try stuff.
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