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1. New SCSS stations (Stream ID Not Allowed)

After creating your SCSS station, note that it might take anything up to 15 mins before your broadcasting encoder will be able to successfully connect to our server.

Up until the newly created station is in sync with our servers, you might receive a "Stream ID Not Allowed" error,
but this should only last for somewhere between a few seconds up to a maximum of 15 minutes.

If you are still not able to connect after 15 mins, then please send an email to the support address at the top of this post (or use the contact form at or and be sure to include all the following:

- exact name of station
- email address of account
- attached screenshot of your current encoder config
- details of any error messages


2. Directory listings

SCSS streams are automatically added to the SHOUTcast YP listings.
It can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to 24 hours for new stations to appear in the directory.
Activate your station by sending us a stream.
If your station still hasn't appeared in the listings after 48 hours, do not hesitate to contact us
(via the contact form or provided email address).

Be sure to include your RMO account email and exact station name in any correspondence.


3. The file you requested could not be found

If your encoder is definitely connected to the SCSS server and you are receiving this error when trying to tunein via the "listen" link in a browser etc., try the following:

- Disconnect the encoder from the server.
- Wait a minute
- Reconnect the encoder.
- Then wait a few minutes before trying to tune-in again.
- Also try hitting Ctrl+F5 a few times in your browser.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a cache-related issue with one of the relay servers,
which will hopefully be fixed asap.

After disconnecting & reconnecting, you can test your stream works via the following link:
where xxxxx is your Stream ID

If it works, then the listen &{mountpoint} url should also start working after a few minutes
(there's been reports of it working after anywhere between 2 and 30 minutes).

We apologize profusely for this bug and hope to have it fixed asap.

The problem has arisen due to the sheer volume of new SCSS stations created over recent months.


UPDATE: 15 Mar 2017


Extensive maintenance work has been carried out on the Streaming Service servers.

If you experience any problems with buffering/stuttering, restart your broadcasting software and start sending us the stream again.

All links should start working within 2 mins of your encoder connecting to our server.
If it doesn't for you, disconnect the encoder, wait 30 seconds, reconnect.

UPDATE: 13 May 2017


It's occuring due to the sheer volume of (active & inactive) stations on the system, and the time it takes to establish relay links for them all.
We will be implementing a new queue system within the next few days to finally fix this issue once and for all.

Until then, the same workaround instructions as above still apply, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.
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