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Originally posted by billyvnilly
i found these batch delays
What a TERRIFIC find!!! With Dr.O's updated WACommand.exe and the link I was able to get it going just like I had originally planned. Thank you both for all the speedy support.

Here's the batch in case someone's looking to do the same one day...

wacommand /start
ping -n 1 -w 500

wacommand /clear
wacommand /random=1
wacommand /repeat=1

wacommand /load WAall.m3u
wacommand /next
wacommand /play

This will start Winamp, toss in a long enough delay so commands will be parsed, clear the playlist, set random and repeat to on, load the m3u file, change the song (so your not always stuck listneing to the first track) and play.

Also helps when you change the properites of the bat to "run minimized" so that you don't see the box pop up.

Case closed
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